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Wilmington, Delaware  U.S.A. 19901
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Reliable service when you need it
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IBC Computers Brantford
Service Department
Web Hosting
Qualified and experienced tech advisors to help you make the best decisions based on your needs and your budget. We simplify the process of purchasing equipment and services to make the experience as painless as possible.
We have experienced technicians to diagnose and repair any possible problems on a wide range of equipment from desktops to Apples to smart phones to tablets and laptops , we repair anything computer related.
We have the infrastructure to not only host your domain, website and email services but also to design your site and host it all in house. Everything for small to medium sized businesses to be on the web .
A mobile service from pickup and delivery to a retirement home to a full network install and setup at a business location. We have the ability to come out and solve your issues at your location.
Subject to availability of technician and workload we supply basic phone support for any computer issue. This is service is free for up to 5 minutes at which point we then charge for this service.
Offsite Backup
We offer an automated secure offsite backup service that we can supply to any business. It is a service that is monitored 24 hours 7 days a week to make sure you have regular data backups should disaster strike.