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Wilmington, Delaware  U.S.A. 19901
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IBC Computers Brantford
We are now a member of the Microsoft refurbisher program and stock a very wide range of computer equipment that has been cleaned , refurbished and recertified with Windows 7 home premium and Pro supplied with certified restore media.
Refurbished PC's
Gaming and enthusiast computers and Accessories
Computers designed with powerful 3D capabilities and fast storage media to optimize gameplay and multimedia applications. Choose from Alienware, our own in house machines or custom build your own !
IBC Branded PC's built, serviced, upgraded and repaired in house
Computers for home, office, gaming and media centers built from low failiure rate parts that can be supplied with Windows 7 or Windows 8, a long 2 year parts and labour warrenty and genuine service to back them!