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Cybercrime is an increasingly significant threat to businesses in Canada, with statistics showing a worrying rise in both the frequency and severity of attacks:


  • In 2022, 85.7% of Canadian companies reported experiencing at least one cyberattack, a notable increase from previous years. This trend underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for businesses of all sizes​ (Made in CA)​​ (StatsCan)​.


  • One of the most common and costly forms of cybercrime affecting Canadian businesses is ransomware. Approximately 65% of companies expect to be targeted by ransomware, and the average cost of a ransomware incident can reach nearly $2 million. Despite the high costs, only 11% of affected companies opt to pay the ransom, reflecting a strong stance against cyber extortion​ (Made in CA)​. Furthermore, the average cost of a data breach in Canada has escalated to $5.4 million, making it imperative for businesses to invest in preventive measures​ (Made in CA)​.


  • Businesses are not only dealing with direct financial losses but also operational disruptions. More than half of Canadian businesses affected by cyber incidents report that these issues prevent employees from carrying out their daily tasks, and about 30% incur additional repair or recovery costs​ (StatsCan)​. This highlights the need for continuous monitoring and rapid response to mitigate the impact of cyber threats.


Given these challenges, having a reliable and secure IT infrastructure is crucial for success. Many businesses are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like SecurIBC to enhance their cybersecurity posture through a comprehensive suite of managed IT services designed to ensure your Southwestern Ontario business operations run smoothly and securely.



Why SecurIBC is the Optimal Managed Service Provider for Southwestern Ontario Businesses (and beyond!)


1. Proactive and Reliable IT Support Services

SecurIBC provides proactive, reliable IT services, support, and maintenance at a predictable monthly rate, catering specifically to businesses in Southwestern Ontario. Whether you’re running a non-profit, legal firm, eCommerce business, or a large-scale enterprise, the stability and security of your IT infrastructure will directly impact your success. An unreliable network that frequently fails or is vulnerable to cyberattacks can jeopardize your business operations, leading to financial losses and reputational damage.

2. Comprehensive Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services give you peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is rock-solid, your data is secure and backed up, and any IT problems are resolved promptly and efficiently. At SecurIBC, we understand the unique needs of different businesses and tailor our services to specifically meet those needs. We get to know your business, optimize your IT operations, and assess your network to identify and address any weak spots with customized solutions.

3. Preventing IT Disasters

Don’t wait until an IT disaster happens. Our experienced and knowledgeable Brantford IT support technicians are here to take care of your business and personal technology needs. We provide comprehensive IT support services to keep your systems running optimally, monitor networks for potential threats, and protect against costly data breaches. With 24/7 tracking through our remote monitoring and management service, we can identify and resolve potential issues early on before they escalate into significant problems.

4. Reliable Backups and Data Security

One of the core aspects of our managed services is ensuring reliable backups are in place to prevent substantial losses in the event of a data disaster. Our stringent cybersecurity protocols ensure your data is secure from unauthorized access, giving you the confidence to focus on your core business activities. By outsourcing your IT and cybersecurity needs to an MSP like SecurIBC, you free up internal resources, reduce operational costs, and gain access to our expert IT team with extensive experience managing networks and protecting against malicious actors.

5. Tailored Solutions for Diverse Businesses

SecurIBC serves a wide range of businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations, non-profits, and other organizations in Brantford, Southwestern Ontario, and beyond. Our IT support services are designed to help you achieve smoother operations, provide better services to your customers, and focus on growth. Our team of experts work closely with you and your business to understand your specific needs and deliver tailored managed IT service solutions that enhance your overall efficiency and security.

6. Cost-Efficient Operations and Improved Security

Utilizing managed IT and cybersecurity services from SecurIBC allows businesses to benefit from improved security measures and more cost-efficient operations. Our proactive approach to IT support means fewer disruptions and a more stable business environment. With decades of collective experience providing outstanding customer service, our team ensures your business runs smoothly while keeping it safe from unwanted intruders.

7. Serving Brantford and Beyond

We proudly serve businesses in Brantford and surrounding areas, including Brant, Paris, Cambridge, London, Sudbury, and beyond. Our expertise covers a wide range of IT needs, from supporting your computers and network infrastructure to providing email anti-virus and malware protection, cybersecurity solutions, and building security networks. With SecurIBC, you’re in good hands!

The Takeaway


The rising threat of cybercrime in Canada necessitates a proactive and comprehensive approach to IT management. For businesses in the Brantford area and throughout Southwestern Ontario, SecurIBC is the optimal choice for managed IT services. Our proactive, reliable support, comprehensive IT service offerings, and dedication to security make us the trusted partner you need to ensure your IT infrastructure is robust and your data secure. Don’t let IT challenges hold your business back – partner with SecurIBC to safeguard your business, improve operational efficiency, and focus on growth without worrying about IT issues.

Experience the benefits of expert IT management – request your free consultation and quote from Brantford’s SecurIBC today!