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Secure, Cost Effective Technology Services for Your Business.



Brantford, Ontario’s Trusted IT Support and Managed Service Provider.

SecurIBC (previously IBC Computers) provides comprehensive, strategic and expertly-executed IT management and maintenance services. 

Our team of experts will help direct the best IT solutions, tailored to your specific business needs. Let us show you how to harness technology that grows your business efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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We proactively prevent IT problems from happening in the first place, ensuring your business IT runs optimally 24/7. In the event that your system has been compromised, we have the IT solutions to address the problems and secure your systems moving forward, ensuring IT infrastructure that doesn’t just support your business – it helps drive its success.


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IT Helpdesk Support
Remote Monitoring
vCISO Services
Cyber security Services
Network Design / Maintain
IT Administration and Policy
Digital Transformation
Exchange Compatibility
Stored in Brantford Datacenter
Full device support
Secured platform
Cost Effective
Cybersecurity Framework Implementation
Penetration / Vulnerability Testing
Compliance Gap Testing
Incident Response
Virtual CISO Services
Remote Monitoring
Brantford Datacenter
Secure data storage
Disaster Planning & Recovery
Onsite/Offsite backup
Onsite replication/failover
Industry standard Strategies
Meet your Compliance needs
Secure Storage
Stored in Brantford Datacenter
Full device support
Highly Scalable
Cost Effective
Industry Partnerships
Enterprise Vendors
Cost effective
Strategic Maintenance
Fast Turnaround
Optimized Fleet

Why Choose IBC?


Based in Brantford and serving all of southwestern Ontario, IBC uses the latest in IT products and services to support the work of local businesses


Looking for email service? Database solutions? Off-site storage? From strategy to execution and from preventative services to on-going maintenance, we take care of all your IT needs


We understand the business of managed IT services. IBC has been in business for more than 25 years, and our staff has expertise in all areas of IT services

Security First

We know you’re trusting us with one of the most important parts of your business. Our commitment to keeping your data and systems safe underscores everything we do

Cutting Edge

IT is constantly changing. Whether it’s making sure you have the most efficient systems, or keeping one step ahead of the hackers, IBC uses advanced technology to make your business thrive.

I have been using IBC Computers for my business and personal computer need for over 10 years. The team has gone above and beyond in making sure our systems are working correctly and up to date. When the unforeseen issues happen they are there to help.

Patrick FisherGM - Betco Products Inc.

IBC Computers in Brantford has been a great resource in streamlining, updating and maintaining our IT system. Their customer service is always knowledgeable, attentive and prompt, which is exactly what we need as a company that relies heavily on our technological resources daily in serving our customers.

Jessica RobertsonSynergy Mouldworks Inc.

IBC is an indispensable partner of the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant. For over 10 years the Chamber has relied on IBC for all of our IT infrastructure and security needs.

Dave PrangCEO - Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant

The IBC Team is among one of the highest levels of customer service we have experienced. Their information is accurate and they provide quick responses to our queries and/or issues. They provide great customer support, very friendly and patient. Their team is well informed and go the extra mile at every stage. We would recommend them without hesitation to any business!

Theresa GagneManager - Boddy Ryerson LLP

The IBC Computers team is professional, friendly and always willing to help. They have gone above and beyond for our organization countless times, especially during emergency situations and the technical transition that the COVID-19 pandemic generated.

Sandra MontourExecutive Director of Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services

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