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The technology landscape moves quickly – and in order to ensure our clients, their data, and systems are as secure as possible, SecurIBC in Brantford conducts an Information and Communication Technology Audit as part of our onboarding process for all new clients for MANY essential reasons. Read on for more insight into the cutting-edge tech we’re implementing for our clients and the process we take to ensure exceptional security and IT success for your growing business.


Why do we conduct an ICT audit before we take on a new client? 


Conducting an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) audit before taking on a new client and managing their IT infrastructure is crucial for several reasons, including:


  1. Understanding the Current State: An ICT audit helps us assess the potential client’s existing IT infrastructure, systems, processes, and resources, as well as providing insight into technology assets, network architecture, hardware, software, databases, security measures, and the overall IT environment. This understanding is essential for effective planning, decision-making, and providing appropriate recommendations to ensure your continued security and IT success. 


  1. Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Conducting an Information and Communication Technology audit allows us to identify the client’s IT strengths and weaknesses as it helps uncover any vulnerabilities, security risks, performance bottlenecks, or outdated technologies that may exist in the clients’ infrastructure. By assessing current capabilities, we can then determine areas that require improvement or potential IT risks that need mitigation. 


  1. Assessing Compliance and Governance: An ICT audit ensures that the client’s IT systems and processes align with relevant regulations, industry standards, and best practices. It also helps us identify any compliance gaps and ensures that the potential client is meeting legal requirements, data protection regulations, or specific industry standards. This ICT evaluation is especially important in industries with strict compliance and security requirements, such as finance, healthcare, or government sectors. 


  1. Determining Scalability and Future Needs: By auditing the new client’s IT infrastructure, we can assess its scalability and determine whether it can meet the client’s future requirements. Understanding your growth plans, business objectives, and projected technology needs allows us to identify potential limitations or areas for improvement within the current setup. This assessment helps us to design a scalable and flexible IT infrastructure that can support your evolving business and technology needs. 


  1. Establishing a Baseline: An ICT audit also establishes a baseline against which we can measure future improvements and changes. It provides a starting point for tracking progress, evaluating the effectiveness of implemented solutions, and demonstrating the value we bring as an IT service provider for your business. Comparing future audits with the initial assessment helps us demonstrate the positive impact of our services, for your benefit!


  1. Enhancing Security: Security is a critical aspect of IT infrastructure management and conducting an ICT audit allows us to identify security vulnerabilities, assess the effectiveness of existing security measures, and recommend necessary enhancements. It helps us, as your IT service provider professionals, to understand the client’s data protection practices, backup, and disaster-recovery capabilities, access controls, and other security-related aspects, ensuring a more robust and secure IT environment.


Overall, conducting an ICT audit before taking on a new client’s IT infrastructure management helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of your current business state, identify areas for improvement, align IT systems with compliance requirements, and design a scalable and secure infrastructure that meets your specific needs. It forms the basis for effective planning, implementation, and ongoing management of your IT environment.


Connect with SecurIBC in Brantford today to schedule your Information and Communication Technology Audit to assess your IT service needs and see how easily we can help your business scale and grow!